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Teresa, a self-taught photographer, has always had a camera within arm’s reach. Following in her father’s footsteps she began using his Agfa camera while in high school. Developing a passion for candid photography It didn’t take long before she became the family, friends, and four-legged companions’ photographer. She is in her "happy place" watching life unfold behind the lens.

Now, focusing her photography on farm animals for the first time a new world emerged. In the silent tranquility of the barnyard, connecting with her simple subjects allows her to capture an intimate, candid look at farm life from a special perspective. Using her patience, waiting for the magic to unfold, she becomes lost in the moment and photographs from the heart.

The barnyard animals Teresa photographs are from very loving farms. Many of these animals live at their forever home and are considered an extension of the family. These amazing creatures have their own personalities, expressions, and develop lasting friendships with their animal friends. Most have names – not numbers.

Using a small voice behind a camera she hopes to show how all farm animals should live. We want to believe they live peacefully without isolation, fear, and pain. Sadly, they do not, it’s out of sight and out of mind to us. Most farm animals will never walk on grass, roll in the mud, see the sky, or smell the fresh air. Humans created this “animal agriculture” and it should be their responsibility to allow these animals to live free of fear, stress, and pain. They are social creatures and should never be forced to live in isolation. They should be able to move freely in a natural environment and eat their natural diet regardless of the length of their lives. All farm animals should be handled with respect and kindness. Improving industry practices can help create a better quality of life for these wonderful creatures, physically and mentally. She hopes to heighten awareness to the plight of farm animals and demonstrate they are wonderful loving sentient creatures.

There are farm animal sanctuaries dotted across the country where you can visit and find out more about the many cruelties these creatures endure. For further information, there are many books and documentaries regarding this subject.